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14th-Oct-2015 09:49 pm(no subject)
I wanna be her

comment to be added
tell me who you are and how you found me
11th-Feb-2015 09:00 am - Friending Frenzy
I wanna be her

Let's try to get this started... In order for it to be successful, you must post about it on your own livejournal! Let your friends know, so they can join too!

So if you're looking for more active friends on LiveJournal, fill out this survey AND post about this on your own journal! Feel free to have discussions in the comment section here and try to find people suitable for your friends list!


Comments will be closed ONE MONTH FROM TODAY, which will be February 11th, 2015.

EDIT: Well . . . That seemed pretty successful to me! Perhaps we'll do it again in 6 months. For now, comments have been officially closed.
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